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For over 25 years, First Credit Services, Inc. (FCS) has remained a leading provider of business process outsourcing, A/R management, and debt collection services for many of the most recognized brands serving consumers throughout the United States. We pride ourselves in our ability to build effective outsourcing programs to meet the exact requirements of each business partner.
First Credit Services


First Credit Services is integrated with dozens of software companies who already service many of our existing business partners. With these seamless integrations, you can expect the transfer of data to be smooth, uninterrupted, and fully compliant with payment card industry (PCI) standards. We’ll manage your collection process, on your behalf, while you see to the day-to-day operations of your business.


FCS has brought effective first and third party collection solutions to over 4,500 clients across the United States. FCS is certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and we serve a broad group of Fortune 500 companies. You can trust our innovative software technology and well-trained team for customer-centered, fully compliant, and seamless collection services throughout the United States.


First Credit Services has earned preferred vendor status with businesses throughout the United States. How? Our A/R management and collection services not only ensure better cash flow, but they also focus on customer service and retention, as well. It’s our goal to maximize dollars collected, while our services help business operations reach their financial goals.

Employer of Military Veterans and their Families

First Credit Services is creating new jobs for military veterans. In fact, one of our operations centers is located in Columbus, Georgia, near Fort Benning. For many years, we have relied on veterans as valued team members here at First Credit Services, and we are proud to support our United States veterans with fantastic training and employment opportunities.

If you are in the Military, a veteran or a family member of a someone in the military and would like to join our team, please click here to apply.

Quality Service and Compliance

It is a fact that QUALITY CONTROL and COMPLIANCE are crucial components of any successful high volume call center or collection operation. You can trust FCS to monitor and audit all customer contact on a regular basis to ensure proper messaging and compliance standards are being met by each and every call-center agent in communication with your valued customers. The education and compliance standards required of our staff are superior aspects of our business model, and help us maintain an extremely high level of quality and compliance.

As an “A Rated” member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), our business process outsourcing and debt collection services are geared toward professionalism and integrity. FCS is fully compliant with all federal, state, and local debt collection rules and regulations, and FCS is fully licensed and insured to legally collect throughout the entire country.

In 2017, for the fourth consecutive year, FCS was awarded with the national distinction of “Best Call Centers to Work For” by insideARM, a publication of the iA Institute. FCS is also a member of ACA International, an association for credit and collection professionals.

‘PCI DSS’ (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is one of the most stringent and prestigious information security compliance certification in the industry. This certification verifies that organizations which accept and handle credit card information in their environment protect consumer’s cardholder data. FCS is PCI DSS v3.2 compliant now. Historically, FCS has successfully achieved ‘PCI DSS’ certification last four consecutive years in a row and will continue the same in future. This accomplishment demonstrates to both our existing and future clients a superior level of confidence, ensuring that all their consumer’s information {especially credit card details} are secure and protected, which establishes First Credit Services, Inc as a leader in our compliance centric industry. With this prestigious certification, our clients are assured and confident that First Credit Services, Inc provides the highest level of data security and is committed to deliver top level services.