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We understand the complexities of collections for municipalities. FCS works with government offices to help them build a more structured collection process which consistently leads to faster cash flow and overall debt recovery. Over the years we’ve worked with cities all over the country recovering unpaid taxes, student loans, court fines, municipal debts, parking tickets, and various other forms of governmental debt. Our muicipal collection services have been rated as one the top collection services across country.

Resolving early leads to happier constituents and a healthier bottom line!

First-Party (Early Stage Collection)

A substantial portion of your bad debt can be prevented with an early intervention strategy. FCS’s First-Party services takes over your recently delinquent accounts and initiates a friendly and consistent follow up process. Our OmniXp platform combined with our municipal collection services enables us to connect early with your past due constituents and work with them to find the appropriate resolution. Municipalities appreciate the way our agents empathize with each unique situation and work with the person to get an early resolution.

Our First-Party Services:

  • Acts as an extension of your AR department.
  • Presents itself as members of your team, not First Credit Services.
  • Scales easily to the demands of your department.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your systems.
  • Opens communication lines with our OminiXp platform.
  • Improves customer relations, lowers roll rates, and reduces delinquencies.

When early invention doesn’t work

Third-Party Collection (Late Stage Collections)

Your government office needs third-party debt collection services that can deliver the results you need, regardless of your location. Whether you need municipal collection services for a small town, county, larger city, or state, only a nationally licensed agency can recover revenue no matter where your constituents might have moved.

First Credit Services has reimagined government collections. We’ve invested millions of dollars in developing a constituent-centric Omni-channel platform and machine learning engines that optimize right party contacts. By modernizing our process and combining personal interactions with digital touches, we provide empathetic engagements through multiple mediums. Our strategy combines a customer service driven approach with a consistent workflow, guaranteed to achieve unparalleled financial results and constituent satisfaction.

"We’ve been extremely happy with FCS. They are outperforming all other agencies we’ve utilized in the past. They treat our constituents with respect and deliver results."

Controller – NJ Township

"We are extremely happy with our decision to go with FCS to handle our early-stage delinquencies. They’ve been able to scale up and down with the ebbs and flows of our business, allowing us to focus on what’s most important, our members' experience in the clubs."

CFO – National Health Club Chain


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