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First Credit Services manages the call center operations for many business partners throughout a wide spectrum of industries including health and fitness, healthcare, auto finance, government services, commercial business, and more. The common thread between every single partner/client we work with is a major emphasis on customer service and retention. Our business model revolves around maintaining high ethical standards and a refusal to alienate your customers. Many of our clients look to retain a customer’s loyalty, so we strive to be a partner you can count on to deliver on your own customer loyalty commitments and brand awareness. Even though the payment process broke down, it is our duty to resolve your unpaid accounts in a way that we can both be proud of.

Extended Business Office (EBO)

Outsourcing certain tasks or a portion of your business office is typically a cost-effective way to quickly address service areas which are currently underserviced or ignored by your current internal operation. Establishing an extended business office operated and managed by First Credit Services is a way to seamlessly place more human resources on a specific task. FCS works directly off of your system of record so that all communication is documented properly and all payments are administered without delay.

Credit Card Decline Management

If you operate a business dependent on recurring monthly payments on Credit Cards or ACH, it is inevitable that a substantial portion of your monthly draw will decline and require a systematic follow-up process to quickly resolve the hard and soft declines that occur every single month. First Credit Services has developed a proactive approach to correct these declines to speed up your cash flow each month.

Early Stage Collections

Many businesses deal with high volumes of customers who habitually fail to pay a recurring payment or monthly dues, but the business does not employ enough staff or have the technology/processes in place to effectively locate and communicate with these customers. An Early Stage Collection Process is a great way to decrease the number of days an account remains outstanding, or falls into a bed debt stage.

Late Stage Collections

After all internal efforts have been exhausted First Credit Services provides an effective strategy for late-stage or past-due collections. As experts in collecting for a diverse group of clients, our best practices, including state-of-the-art software technology and procedures geared toward a positive customer experience, we ensure consistent contact and the highest possible recovery of your dollars.

It can be difficult for your staff to contact past due customers time and again, especially those who are avoiding a call. First Credit Services offers collections strategies which include a contact system with multiple touch-points such as phone calls (that are in compliance with TCPA guidelines), letters, and emails. Declined and past due customers are given a fair opportunity to update their payment information and get back on track.

The services we offer are administered with the highest level Professionalism and Compliance.