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Automotive Finance Collections

First Credit Services, Inc. (dba Accounts Receivable Technologies [ART]) assists automotive businesses in managing loan and lease accounts receivables and financial recovery. FCS (ART) provides the latest in software technology and a high degree of professionalism and security compliance to reach customers, recover debt, and increase bottom line. Our team provides full service outsourcing tailored to specific needs, whether at the beginning of an account lifecycle or at any stage of the collection process.

Founded as automotive financing specialists in 1993, FCS (ART) has grown to become a leading provider of innovative and effective collection programs. From servicing Fortune 500 companies in the automotive and banking industries, to expanded services in other businesses such as healthcare, fitness, and municipal collections, FCS (ART) yields superior results for boosting net recoveries, reducing consumer complaints, and protecting brand image. The ability to communicate with consumers, in a caring manner, sets FCS (ART) apart as an industry leader.

Why First Credit Services (Accounts Receivable Technologies)?

With up-to-the-minute skip tracing technology and a fully trained staff, automotive businesses can entrust their AR management to First Credit Services (dba Accounts Receivable Technologies [ART]). Our best practices ensure industry leading results that maximize the outcome of every past-due A/R portfolio in our highly qualified hands.

All of our collection campaigns are multi-touch; meaning that we make every effort to contact debtors consistently and regularly. Through automated letters tailored to the automotive industry, phone strategies, state-of-the-art skip trace technology, and expertly trained team members, we increase right party contact while safeguarding your business brand and image. FCS (ART) tailors each campaign to each client’s needs, including comprehensive reports detailing progress.

It’s that attention to technology, customer service, and detail that sets FCS (ART) apart, and it’s our mission is to ensure your success.

Auto Finance Recovery Programs

At First Credit Services (FCS), also known as Accounts Receivable Technologies (ART), it’s our goal to effectively contact the right party and improve your profitability with efficiency and accuracy. With our skip trace technology, FCS (ART) can locate debtors and reclaim revenue through phone calls, automated letters, and emails. All of our methods are compliant with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) guidelines and follow the policies and procedures of collection compliance. Our strategies ensure the manpower and expertise necessary for consistent messaging in a positive, informative, and responsive way. Our staff is also trained in Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations.

Auto finance recovery programs include accounts receivable management and end of term/matured lease programs.

Accounts Receivable Management

FCS (ART) develops early-stage outsourcing programs that are tailored for each client’s specific business requirements, including customer service goals and brand reputation. Outsourcing your collections to a team of skilled experts is a business decision that allows your team to focus solely on products, services, and customers. We have the staff and technology in place, including skip tracing for increased right party contact, for solutions that really work. FCS (ART) also provides reports tailored to your request and as often as needed, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.

End-of-Term/Matured Lease Programs

FCS (ART) is well-equipped with the staff and expertise needed to accurately locate customers who are thought to be unreachable. Through automated letters, calls, and skip-tracing technology, FCS (ART) increases right party contact, offers a range of payment methods to ensure recovery, and provides portfolio liquidation with exceptional customer service.